2021 Expectations

Due to Social Distancing and COVID guidelines volunteerism has even greater challenges. Donating your time, skills and creativeness with our program is necessary for our overall success. We have created opportunities through mobile application, Live or Virtual events and workshops.  We have no limitations to impact the youth, families and communities at a high level due to the creative, innovative and determined individuals and groups within our network.  Our #1 Goal is that you participate with us in continuing to #MakeAnImpact

Innovate & Impact
Join the Network

An agenda to influence  and diversify the 4 pillars of  impact

Corporate.  Culture.  Community.  Kids.

We apply pressure, balance, justice and most necessary; sustainability to create valued opportunity, consistency and equality for our members.

OUR Community

Your commitment to this network and its agenda are towards the youth, families and communities we seek to impact. Our sustainability plan does not and will not stop at just the summer events and activities or even the APP. There are several ways to support and impact our program that do not focus on financial requirements. We love our volunteers and Event Groups. We welcome individuals that understand the status quo and how they fit in Impacting with US!

Essential Leaders

We've been building a network full of Leaders from various groups and regions around the Globe.


We don't just want to solicit volunteer hours form any of our essential leaders. The education field has a greater demand on these essential impactors in the workforce. Help us compensate our essential leaders through various campaigns and creative productions.


Production, Media support & APP Development

Promotional Assistance, media introductions and Production Support through digital and livestream channels are invaluable to our internal team. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if this is an area of expertise. We have a solid system to integrate you in and provide all the necessary information and details to you with clear path to do list. We believe any time, ability or helping hand is impactful.

Festival Track Assistance

OP Festival Events are looking for Sponsors, Partners, Committee Leadership, Promotional Assistance and Volunteer Team Members. Our list includes Entertainment, COVID Support, Catering, Security, Venue Assistance, Special Guest Concierge, Setup / Teardown, and our Golf Scramble

Donor Experience Team

Our focus with volunteerism is exemplified through our Donor Experience. We look to provide an opportunity for donors to be valued for more than their donation. We have assembled a group that will specifically focus on our donors and carrying out this agenda.

#MakeAnImpact Today

Corporate. Culture. Community. Kids.