Competition Levels

Improving the competition levels of the youth start by providing an accurate surrounding of peers mixed with the proper delivery of technique, instruction and consistency.

Get Active

This group is for youth that are new to sports & competition or just haven't found their comfortability in the type of athlete they want to be. Youth will be encouraged and pushed to find their Competitive Fitness level and understand the Key Concepts in technique and skill development. They will also find fun and excitement with their peers.

Beyond The Basics

This group is for youth that have already been introduced to sports and competition. This is the level of group that has the desires to improve their ability and/or has not been provided the opportunity to have accurate coaching to develop their technique and skills. We will challenge this group to think less and react more to become more efficient.

Elite Performance

This group consists of athletes that are in consistent environments of skill and competition. This level of youth are also motivated and / or encouraged to pursue next level competition and accolades. We want to provide the proper tutelage in technique and skill development to propel this group to even greater heights for their future endeavors.